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It is a UNIQUE hand tool- nothing else available:
Manufactured in hardened stainless steel (HRC 50-54) the PRI bar will make light work of prising or levering apart two surfaces and a host of other jobs where a thin but very strong blade is needed. The angled head gives maximum leverage.
The design of this tool also means that there is little damage to either surface. Other pry bars on the market inevitably damage surfaces.
Tradesmen who like the PRI bar:

  • Carpenters - prising wood and beadings away from other wood or surfaces (it was originally developed for sash window carpenters refurbishing period windows)
  • Construction/Builders - versatile for all applications where the thin wedged end can be inserted to move, align, lift or hold timber/plastics/metals
  • Glaziers/ Double Glazing Window Fitters - lifting and holding glazing units and removing glazing beads - Kitchen fitters - needing to align worktops and cupboards or remove a trim without damage
  • Plasterers - manufactured from stainless steel so it can get wet with no deterioration and can be used to scrape an edge or shape a corner
  • Tilers - prises between tiles, leverage, scraping grout etc
  • Roofers - lifting battens and tiles, flexing sheet lead
  • Carpet fitters - moving grips and lifting joiners, easing trims

There are other pry bars on the market but none have the strength with the slim line profile- this makes it unique.

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