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Sash window information :This link takes you to a short video about the sash window and some research English Heritage carried out into how you can make an existing window more energy efficient.

Energy efficiency and historic buildings: Secondary glazing for windows: This document discusses the use of secondary glazing and it's efficiency.

Research into the Thermal Performance of Traditional Windows: Timber sash windows: This document discusses the use of draught proofing and then how you can apply layers of blinds and curtains to achieve greater U values.


Draught proofing: This site has calculators that indicate the type of saving you can make by insulating your windows.


Condensation Some Causes, Some Advice:This document looks at why condensation is an issue and explains how it occurs. It also tells you some of the ways you can manage and control condensation in the home.

Energy saving calulator: This calculator looks at typical cost and carbon savings over 5 years if you change your windows. It is suprisingly quite a small amount and makes repairing and upgrading what you have really quite cost efficient.


The conservation and renewal of timber windows: This very interesting document talks about our local windows and what can be done to maintain them. This site also has information about Cheltenhams listed building and conservation areas and the do and don'ts for property development in Cheltenham.

Other sash window products:

The sash window service produces a unique tool for servicing sash windows (and may other uses) you can purchase one of these:


For detail on painting sash windows go to:

Sash Window Painters

To learn how to DIY your sash windows go to the 'Training academy' :

DIY Training Academy

Sash window repairs and draught proofing

Simply Sash Windows